She looks like she’s having a bad day at the airport
A few days ago I had a friend call me frantically needing a last minute vacation.
She had to cancel her upcoming cruise because her boyfriend’s passport card did not arrive in time.
I said ok, did you call to get your money back?
She said I couldn’t because I didn’t have insurance.
😧😱😱😱 -my reaction
She had previously booked a cruise to Cuba for her and her boyfriend. (Not a booking through me)
It wasn’t until last minute that she found out the passport card did not come.
I felt the horror FOR her, for losing out on a few thousand dollars!
Many people opt out of getting insurance because they think they don’t need it and they are going on their vacation for sure.
People forget that things, out of the blue, can happen.
Insurance for international trips or trips planned in advance is extremely important.
Even having domestic trip insurance is important.
I mean who wants to lose any money at all?
Things such as a death in the family, loss of job, sickness and much more can occur when we least expect it. Someone may find their passport is about to expire because they didn’t think to check it.
These are a few things that can cause vacation cancellations.
Even things such as breaking up with that guy or girl, or no longer being friends with someone can cause a vacation cancellation.
These things do occur more times than we think. 
You may be thinking, “I’ve taken lots of vacations without travel insurance” and I’d say that’s awesome that no drastic event has ever interrupted your vacations.
What if one day it does and you lose out on not only the vacation and the experience, but your precious investment as well?
People usually do not opt for travel insurance until something like that has happened to them.
I say, why wait until an unfortuante event happens to protect your investment?
As a travel professional, I always encourage my clients to purchase travel insurance. Many vacations I book, are booked 6-12 months in advance. Anything can happen within that time frime.
Travel Guard is a travel protection I often reccomend. They have packages that cover anything that is otherwise deemed non-refundable, including theme park tickets.
If you have a flight, hotel, rental car and theme park tickets, travel guard can protect them all.
If you habe a cruise booked and a flight booked, you can choose a package that covers them both instead of purchasing the cruise insurance and then insuranxe5 for your flight.
In any event, please consider purchasing travel insurance before an unfortunate event happens where you have to cancel travel plans and are unable to get any money back.
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