About 3 years ago, I took a weekend getaway to Atlanta,which is something I’m accustomed to.
It was a great weekend getaway as usual.
I get to the airport drop off my rental and proceed to go check my bag.
As I’m waiting in line, I realize that I do not have my wallet. I have my phone but no wallet! 😢😞😢😢😧😧
 Immediately I call the rental car company at the airport. They start to search the car that I had JUST dropped off.

I called my sister, who I had stayed with, to check her house.

All the while I was in a complete panic. Losing my wallet means not only was I without an ID but I was also without any of my credit or debit cards!!

What an horrible ending to a great vacation.

To make a long story short, neither the rental car company or my sister were able to find my wallet.
The funny thing is, I had my wallet the night before.

Now I’m really panicking, thinking that I’d be stuck in GA.
I went and spoke with a TSA agent about my situation. He informed me that I would need to go through a verification process.

He told me that I would have to correctly answer a few questions which would be asked through automated line.
He pulled out a flip phone (mega ancient) and dialed a number.
The automated voice asked me a series of questions such as previous address i had, if I had a mortgage or car loan, among a few other questions.

When I was done answering I gave the TSA agent the phone back. He pressed a few buttons and said we had to wait a couple of minutes to see if I passed the verification process.

About 2 minutes later he said I passed the verification process and directed me to the security screening line where you place your carry on bags on the belt while you await to go through the body screening machine.

I was soooooo thankful I was able to board the plane despite losing my ID. I thought for sure I was going to be stuck in Atlanta!

Unexpected things like this happen all the time, so its good to know what to do, to get past them.

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