2 months later me and my crew returned to Lincoln for a second visit! We just loved it so much annnnnd we have a timeshare resort there.

This time we had scheduled and paid for the “Meet the winemakers Tour” at Seven Birches Winery.

Being that Lincoln is a super small town, The winery was a 2 minute walk from the resort. We could actually see the winery from our room!
Our our guide Nathan was awesome! I learned so much about the wine making process as well as the bottling process.

After the tour we got to the best part, the actual wine tasting. We tasted about 9 different wines, and I’m sure someone was a little buzzed afterwards lol.  Included with our winemakers tour was a wine glass. We got to choose from 4 different styles. I’d recommend this tour to anyone visiting Lincoln!

I ended up buying a bottle of red wine which by the way was a surprise to me because I’m not a red wine drinker but this red wine was pretty good.

We left the wine tour and headed to a near by mall. The mall was actually semi attached to our resort which was weird. The mall looked pretty much abandoned!
We were told that April is one of the off season months and lot of places will shut down.

Lincoln thrives off tourism so when in between summer and winter tourism its pretty quiet there.

Next we headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant. You guessed it! It was 2 minutes from the mall! LOL

The food and service was good. They even told us about the ONE bar in town that stayed open until 1 am. Even more they gave us the number to the shuttle to take us there and drop us back off at our resort. Talk about excellent service!

We headed back to the room rested for a bit and went down to the pool for a while.
After the pool, we rested some more, lol and then headed to a bar down the street where we were invited to by a resort employee. We stayed there for a bit had a couple drinks, have some good convo and then headed back to the hotel to cal for the shuttle.

We were ready to get the party started at this bar that closed at 1 am lol.
The shuttle came right to the hotel and picked us up.  It cost about $20 per person. The locals say its worth it because cops are always ready to pull someone over.

One thing I know is to listen to the locals, they know their town.

The ride to the bar was about 10 minutes. We got there and it was a small crown there and some live music. Not a wild party but it was cool. We had a few drinks, made some snap chat videos, talked to more locals and chilled.

When it was time to go the shuttle came promptly to take us back to our hotel.

Another good time in Lincoln, NH for the books. We’re definitely planning on going back during the summer season!