One of clients asked me about taking an asthma pump on the plane.
She wanted to know did she need a medical note and could she bring it on her carry on.
Let me back up. Hi, I’m Alexis and I am a travel agent. I specialize in Disney, all inclusive vacations and cruises.
For my personal travel, most of the time I travel alone.
Now that I’m a travel agent, I service clients who travel with friends or family.
As a solo traveler, this brings new questions, concerns and trip aspects that have to be worked out.
I put everything in my checked bag, so bringing medicine has never been a thought until now.
Being a travel agent has opened my eyes to many different accommodations that various clients may need.

For example, taking certain medicines on the plane, driving and parking at the airport, packing strollers or car seats.

For first time travelers or people who may be traveling somewhere different  or traveling with kids for the first time, having packing questions and may be nervous about getting through TSA smoothly.
Working with clients and learning about their various needs, makes me a better travel agent everyday!
Below is a article that covers dos and don’ts to get past TSA with no carry-on luggage issues.
Annnd  don’t FORGET, let us do the planning while you do the packing!
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