For my 30th birthday, I am going to Los Cabos, Mexico with a group of friends.
We are all flying from different parts of the country so everyone is booking their flights separately.
I’ve been looking at flights for months and could not find anything, with a decent schedule, that was under $600.
I was on google flights, and hopper looking at flights from almost everywhere on the east coast.
* A little inside information*
Hopper is an app that watches flights and send notifications on price changes.
Google flights give real time pricing on flights, except Southwest airlines. Southwest flight pricing can only be found on Southwest’s website
Back to my story. I’ve always been told going to Mexico was cheap so the flight prices as well as the flight schedules surprised me.
In addition to the prices there are no direct flights from anywhere on the east coast AND a lot of the flights were 10-13 hrs (1 stop included) Although I could find direct flights to anywhere else in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas I could not. It is probably because Cabos San Lucas is a Peninsula off the Coast of Mexico and not on the main island of Mexico.
My solution:
I decided to look for one way flights.
I am a delta skymiles card member and even though I thought I had a lot of points I couldn’t get a round-trip flight with my points to anywhere!
I looked for one way flights on Delta and I found a one way flight from NYC to Cabo Can Lucas. I found a flight that was a little under $300 with a good schedule for me. I was able to use my skymile points and pay $33 to book the flight!
That took care of getting to my destination and worked out to be a great deal for me.
Thank God for skymile points
*More inside information*
Every airline has some sort of loyalty program where you book flights with them or have a credit card through them you accumulate points. These points can be used purchased airline tickets with that airline.
Some general bank credit cards give you the ability to accumulate points to use on any airline.
I mostly book with Delta so I decided to get their credit card in order to accumulate skymile points. Anything I purchase with the card gives me a certain amount of points.
I also get my first bag checked for free, am always in zone 1 for boarding and have access to delta skymile hubs in airports.
These hubs have free food, open bar, etc
Back to my story….now that my departure flight was booked I had to figure out my return flight. I wasn’t planning on staying in Mexico permanently lol
I found that the return flights were the flights that made my initial search for round trips so expensive. Delta was not an option for the return flight. I did look at southwest which had the cheapest option of $566 for a return flight.
Then I received a notification from hopper( the app mentioned earlier) that there was a flight for $238. In my mind I’m like what budget airline is this for?
The flight was for Interjet airlines. An airline I never heard of before.
Interjet is Mexico’s second largest airline carrier behind AeroMexico. They boast spacious seating and women only bathrooms on board. They mainly service trips to Mexico from the U.S. although they do have other itineraries.
Being a travel agent, I decided to ask some fellow agents on their experience with Interjet.
I received pretty good reviews, so I decided to book it.
*even more inside information*
Using international airlines to fly internationally is more cost efficient. Our domestic airline are subject to way more feed and taxes for flying internationally.
Just check the price breakdown from a domestic airline and international airline going to the same country.
Back to my story….The only thing about the return flight is that its a red eye flight, meaning its an overnight flight and the total travel time is 13 hrs. I’m ok with that coming back home. In total for both one way flights, I ended up paying roughly $280 when all signs showed that I’d be paying well over $600
In summary when it comes to flights:
1. Earn skymiles through a credit card or a specific airline
2. Look at one way flights
3. Research and use international airlines
4. Use google and hopper to track flights
5. Book a package with flight and hotel/resort, and transfers included.
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I hope my success story helps someone else!
Safe Travels!