How much does a travel agent cost?

For independent Travel agents, each agent creates practices and procedures for their individual business. Some agents charge a booking or planning fee, remember we are planning, booking and managing watch vacation

Do I need a passport for a cruise?

Generally for or a cruise that is doing a loop trip within the U.S. you do not need a passport. This means if a cruise leaves from any state in the U.S. traveling abroad and returning to the U.S. you do not need a passport. There are some exceptions to this rule depending on the destination. For example cruising to Cuba requires a passport and Tourist Visa. There are other destination exceptions as well so please check with your travel professional. Although most cruises do not require a passport, it is highly recommended to have in case of an emergency where you need to fly back home.

Does Europe or the U.S. offer all-inclusive resorts?

Europe and the U.S. do not offer all-inclusive resorts or vacations like the Carribbean. However, packages to destinations in the U.S. and Europe can be arranged.

How much for all-inclusive vacation?

The average cost per person for an all-inclusive vacation to the Carribbean ranges anywhere from 900- 2000 per person. The time of booking, length of stay, resort, and destination all factor into the pricing.

How do I get from the airport to the cruise port or my resort?

Ever cruise line either has their own shuttle service or are partnered with a transportation company. Consult with your travel professional about cruise port transportation.

Is a drink package included in my cruise fair?

A drink package is not included in your cruise but can be added. Drink packages vary from cruise to cruise.

Your cruise fair does includes the cabin, most onboard activities, meals at most dining options on board (excluding specialty dining) and port fees and taxes. If selected at the time of booking your fair may include prepaid gratuities.

Can I have a payment plan?

Payment plans are available but are subject to the time of your booking. For example if you are booking a cruise in March and are sailing in May, no payment plan will be available. If you are booking a vacation in March and are traveling in September, a payment plan will be available.